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How Do You Show Or Store Your Stone Slabs In Your Warehouse?
August 19 , 2021

How Do You Show Or Store Your Stone Slabs In Your Warehouse?


If you are a quartz stone, granite or marble wholesaler, you must have some kinds of steel frame to show or store your stone slabs, because they can't be piled up like boxes. Then, what kinds of steel frame you have to realize it? We, up to now, have 3 choices for you.

To be first, the A-frame is useful to show your quartz slabs or granite and marble slabs. (Refere to YT1411 ) With it, the visitors to your warehouse can see the stone surface clearly and easy to take some photos if necessary. Besides, the rack could store about 20 slabs at two sides.  But for each A-form rack can only show 2 slab colors at both sides. 

Secondly, if you want to show more stone colors and store more slabs, you can have hosel type rack with two base rails. (Refere to YT1401) Apart from loading more stone slabs, the hosel type rack have 12 pieces of adjustable columns which can flexibly decide the loading width, according to your detailed needs. For example, if you have 20 slabs of quartz stone, you can make width bigger; While there is only 5 slabs of granite, then width could be smaller. Compared to A-frame type showing rack, this hosel type rack is easier to flip second slab to see color, after you see the first slab of each bundle. 

Thirdly, we have train-like loading rack, which shows and store the most quantity of stone slabs. (Refer to YT1402)  Each space is fixed with certain width,  but you can put any quantity you want. It is also easy to flip slabs and show many stone colors. If you have enough space in your warehouse, this stone rack is the best choice for stone wholesaler.

Let's see some photos for your reference:




hosel type stone exhibition rack to show quartz slab




stone warehouse storage rack with good quantity




A-form quartz slab showing rack



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