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Why Do We Need Storage Racks To Hold Quartz Slabs Or Granite Stone Countertops?
March 19 , 2022

Why Do We Need Storage Racks To Hold Quartz Slabs Or Granite Stone Countertops ?


Whether you are a quartz slabs wholesaler or granite countertop fabricator, storingn big size stone slabs is difficult, because improper storage could result in costly damage. In details, despite durable nature of engineered quartz or natural granite and marble, a big size stone slab is fragile. When there is any bending or unsupoorted weight on the certer of the slab, the slab is possible to crack or fracture.  If that happends, there is not only a great loss in money and time, but also a hazardous condition for on-site employees who are loading or unloading the slabs. Any injury of the employees is for more concerning than damaged stone materials. You Therefore, it is important to find out how to add or remove big slabs of quartz or granite in a safe and efficient way.

In accordance with our experiences and requirements from our buyers, we have manufactured several kinds of storage racks as below:


quartz slab storage rack


train type slabs storage frame


A-frame storage frame cheap price


countertop fabrication holding frame

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