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Angle Grinder Polishing Pads Adapter Abrasive Disc Backer

When you need polishing pads to polish your stone countertop, you ususally need this backer or adapter to adhere the polishing pads on angle grinder or other polishing machines. There are both rigid adaper and soft adapter to polishing flat surface and corner areas respectively.

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Product Detail

Angle Grinder Polishing Pads Adapter Abrasive Disc Backer 


Polishing is an important process in stone surface finishing. No matter on angle grinder or big size polishing machine, the polishing pad and its backer, polishing adapter are required to help realize perfect polished surface. In the process, the polishing pad is stably adhered to its backer, so a good quality polishing adapter is very vital. If the polishing adapter can't tightly grasp the polishing pads, even tiny movement of polishing pads, adhered to its backer, will create some unnecessary scratch on stone surface. 

There are two kinds of polishing adapter, rigid and soft. Why it is so? On flat surface, you necessarily use rigid polishing adapter with polishing pads to polish the surface. While rigid adapter can't polish circular and oval edges well, stone fabricators need soft adapter to bend polishing pads together, so as to polish some stone products like stone vanity top basin hole.



Machine model no. Adapter type Diamter (mm) Weight (g)
M14 Rigid 96mm 136



  1. Copper connector to ensure stable polishing;
  2. Available both rigid adapter and soft one;
  3. Strong adherence to polishing pads;
  4. Available free samples;
  5. Long lifespan;




rigid adapter for polishing pads


polishing pads backer


copper connector angle grinder polishing adapter


polishing machine adapter supplier




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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.