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Unload Quartz Slab Container with Forklift Telescopic Boom Equipment

This forklift telescopic boom is used to unload the container of stone slabs in wooden bundles, which is comparatively safely and fastly than labor work to pull out slabs one by one. In your stone warehouse, you also can use it with the forklift to transport slabs, in 6-file adjustment.

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Product Detail

Unload Quartz Slab Container with Forklift Telescopic Boom Equipment


How to unload the quartz slabs container or other stone slabs container? Let's see which choice works better:

  1. Normally, quartz slabs are packed in wooden bundles with 7 bundles in one container. Some purchasers unpack the wooden bundles in the container with labor work and move out quartz slabs one by one, which takes much time and has much risks of breaking the slabs. What's worse, it is danderous for workers during unloading.
  2. In order to avoid the danger of unpacking wooden bundles in the container, some buyers choose to load the quartz slasb in A-frame rather than wooden bundles. With A-frame, they don't take risks of unpacking wooden bundles in the container and move out each slab with forklift. Howevery, comparatively, the A-frame would load less quantity than wooden bundle, which raises up the shipping cost of each slab. And it is still time-consuming. 
  3. Few customers still choose wooden packages, but load in the "open top" container. They lift the wooden bundles from container top, which is safer, but still time-wasting. Moreover, the shipping price of "open top" container is more expensive than that of normal closed container.
  4. Actually, all questions come to the conflict between the short forklift boom and deep container space. Therefore, the best way is to extend the forklift arm to catch the quartz slabs from deep container end. And the forklift arm should be strong enough to lift the whole quartz bundles, about 3.5 tons. That is why we manufacture this forklift telescopic boom equipment. It has 6-file choices to lift different weight. In restracted state, it could lift the heaviest bundle, 5 tons.

For different detailed purposes, we have manufactured different types of forklift telescopic boom, customized on customers' requirements.



Retracted size

Stretched-out size

Angle scale

Inserting hole size

Forklift tons

Rated load

Net weight











7t - 20t








Adjustment scale of length and lifting weight in 6 choices:



Hole 6

Hole 5

Hole 4

Hole 3

Hole 2

Hole 1

Stretching length







Lifting weight









1. Easy to install in the forklift and use quickly;

2. Customized appearance designs, including color, brand, etc.

3. Flexible adjustment of different length for lifting different weight;

4. Possible to load in the stone slab container without extra shipping cost;

5. Different designs available for your own choices;



forklift boom crane


forklift telescopic boom arm


forklift extension arm to lift gran quartz slab


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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.