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In The New Year Of 2022, What Can We Do For You?
February 18, 2022

In The New Year Of 2022, What Can We Do For You?


After having a wonderful holidays of Chinese new year, we have restarted our new production for the year of 2022, with noisy lion dance and firecrackers. We wish our new technical breakthrough in each product, continuous progress in customer service and prosperous business in the new year. To realize those above, what can we do then?

  1. For our stone cutting and polishing tools, we would like to send some free samples of new product to our regular buyers who can test their quality and give us ideas or advices. With that, we could upgrade our tools to sastify the end users and share our products to more potential customers. For example, after receiving the advices on diamond saw blades, our technicians would think out and test new ways to avoid same problem and improve its quality. When we manufacture new diamond saw blades, we need customers' ideas on it.
  2. For our stone storing and moving tools, we will share more detailed videos to teach our potential buyers how to save labor cost and make things easier, with our professional and safe tools. Without tools, everything would be done barely by two hands, which is dangerous and low-efficient in stone selling or fabricating. Therefore, we are convinced that many stone dealers need our tools to help them and our detailed videos of tools will guide them how to do and how to choose what they need.
  3. Stone cutting machine is comparatively more complex than other tools, because it is huge with many professionally technical matters and difficult to explain in the short time. However, with our years of experiences in manufacturing and selling, our people are confident that our reliable machine quality and considerate sales service will make each potential buyer happy to know us and our products, no matter they will or will not buy in the end. We are happy to do business, but we are happier to get more people know our products and understand us.

Anyway, we owe many thanks to any buyers who trust us and support us one time or all the time. We also wish you prosperous new year of 2022. In this year, we are hopeful that we can continue the happy cooperation and share the happiness to more people.


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