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Stone Unloading Useful Forklift Lifting Boom
October 22, 2021

Engineered Quartz Stone Container Unloading Way Useful Fork Car Lifting Boom 

Not all warehouses are equiped with professional line-lifter to unload stone slabs container. Many warehouse workers use forlift to unload the stone slabs container. They normally need to unpack each slabs bundle and unload the slabs one by one, which is very dangerous and low in efficiency. Sometimes, they even need to require supplier to load the container in A-frame for easier unloading one by one, which leads to less quantity loaded in the container and increase the shipping cost. 

To solve this problem, we make this forklift boom or extending arm to help unload the big stone slabs container easily and fastly. For example, like engineered quartz stone, they are normally packed in 7 wooden bundles for each container. If you unpack the bundle and unload the slabs one by one, it may takes 4 to 8 hours or even more than one day. However, if you use our tool, you can unload the whole quartz slabs container within 1-2 hours. For the experienced worker, he may take less than 1 hour to finish all work. Therefore, if you are a stone dealers, this stone tool will help at once.


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