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High Quality Diamond Cutting Saw Blade For Quartz Wholesale Price

Nano crystallized glass panel, nanoglass in short, is very hard to cut, which needs professional high-quality diamond cutting saw blades. If you need normal diamond cutting discs, it is easy to create chips at the edge of nanoglass and possible the discs will break at segments. 

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    1.9 KG
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Product Detail

High Quality Diamond Cutting Saw Blade For Quartz Wholesale Price


Diamond cutting saw blades feature tiny diamonds on the blade’s edge in order to cut hard, abrasive materials like natural granite or marble, engineered quartz or marble, concrete, asphalt, brick or other kinds of stone materials. A certain piece of diamond disc could be used for wet cutting or dry cutting or both. And wet cutting is the most safe and efficient way to finish the work, which could be illustrated by the wet cutting in most of machines with big diamond saw blades. But in some situations, wet cutting is not available, for example, without water.  So dry cutting is necessary in some cases, but mostly with small size diamond discs. Moreover, for different stone materials like quartz, grantie or marble, the diamond saw blades for each stone is different in design detail and its performance. Therefore, it is important to choose a professional manufacturer of diamond cutting saw blades.




Diameter (mm) Segment thickness (mm) Segment width (mm) Bore (mm) Weight
350mm 2.8mm 10mm 50mm 1.9 KG




Plastic case or paper case for each piece; And 10 pieces in one paper case.



1. Various regular sizes in stock for fast shipping;

2. Customized appearance designs, including direction, specifications, brand, color painted, etc.

3. Free samples available;

4. Other stone tools to ship together;

5. Short lead time with the advanced manufacturing equipment;

6. Experienced sales team members to provide professional and considerate service;




diamond saw blades for nanoglass


very hard stone cutting discs


nanoglass cutting tool


crystal stone cutting saw blade disc

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.